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Storefront sales Procedures:

Sign up in the Trails End app for the one you would like to work. (Please be aware that there are two different REI’s that are on our schedule one very close to us off 183 and one all the way downtown on 6th street. I have added some more shifts that are only one hour for our younger scouts and those that might need to work as shorter shift.)

Work with your scout so they know the popcorn and what they would like to say to the customers. “ Hi my name is ________ and I am with Pack 90. Would you like to help me with my scouting endeavors? I am trying to earn my way to (whichever of the levels the scout is hoping to achieve: free trip to NASA, the Lexington, etc?).

Make sure you know how to log sales in the app and connect a square reader. (This information can be found in the app by clicking the three horizontal lines on the top left and selecting the training option.)

Come to pick up your popcorn and supplies if you are the first shift selling at that location. Pick up is at my house the night before your shift from 5:30 to 7 PM. Depending on the size of the vehicle both openers may need to come as you will be collecting a canopy, a table, banner and many boxes of popcorn.

Show up to your shift with your scout in their Class A button up scout shirt. I encourage the scouts to work in front of the table during their sales with those doing 2 hours to have a break in the middle to have a snack and time to sit and hydrate. If you have one of our pack shirts I would recommend wearing that, they can be purchased from Katie our Bear den leader but this is not required. (They do look wonderful I saw a parent wearing theirs this weekend.)

One parent will log the sales into the app for that storefront and the other will record all sales on a paper form.

Please only open a box of popcorn if you are out that item.  There may be a couple boxes of the same product. To keep inventory simple and easy it is best to not have multiple open boxes of the same product.

After selling please bring whatever your shift is responsible for to my house no later than 7PM that same day.

Opening shift duties:

Pick up popcorn between 5:30 – 7PM the night before the shift

Set up location (canopy, table, banner, table cloth if required)

Work the booth

Transfer $60 change to next shift (ideally 2-10’s, 4-5’s and 20-1’s)

Bring the rest of the cash to my house to enter into app no later than 4 PM that day

Mid shift duties (if there is one)

Work the booth

Transfer $60 change to next shift (ideally 2-10’s, 4-5’s and 20-1’s)

Bring the rest of the cash to my house to enter into app no later than 4 PM that day

Closing shift duties

Work the booth

Take down the booth (canopy, table, banner, table cloth if required)

Bring all supplies, popcorn and money back to my house for inventory no later than 4 PM that day

Popcorn Tips:

#1 On either the first or second page there is a small box to click in the middle towards the button that says trust this device. If you click it you will not have to do the MFA each time you login which will really come in handy at a store shift.

#2 Check you permissions in the settings on your phone, to use the credit card readers there are several that need to be enabled including location and microphone.  Fix these before your first shift.

#3 Know what we are selling, we have popcorn that is ready to eat(salted carmel, white cheddar, Kettle, and Sea Salt) and some choices that can be made later (popping corn and microwave butter). We have sweet (salted carmel and kettle) and savory (white cheddar, microwave butter) and popping corn which they can tailor to any flavor they prefer. Prices start from $15 - $50 but donations can be any amount and can either be cash or credit.

#4 We take credit or cash for all of our sales and 70% for each sale stay local ½ to our council and ½ to our pack.

The pack needs each scout to sell at least $390 in popcorn (or pay a buyout) this is about a 2 - 4 hour commitment at a store show and sell. The store shifts for September are now available to start signing up. You sign up through the app in the section labeled storefront at the bottom of the app and which should take you to a calendar screen, if you have a different one click on the calendar icon at the top right and scroll through to September to see what booths are available. I was able to get some great shifts at Lowe’s on Shoal Creek, REI both the one up north and some shifts at the 6th street location (Pay attention when signing up so you make sure to get the one you want), and The Domain. Please book all of the September shifts first and then work our way into October. Most of the shifts are 2 hours with 2 scouts allowed to show up but there are some one hour shifts at REI and The Domain, please leave these to our Tiger (first grade and any lions who want to try this out). Cash handling and inventory need to be recorded by the adults and pick up for this is the day before your shift. Please allow up to 20 minutes to go over how the sale works and best practices.

The slide deck with all of the popcorn information is ready to view at Pack 90 Popcorn slide deck.  This has how to download the app, why we need the scouts to sell popcorn, and all the prizes from the pack, Trails End and the council as well as the full list of products we have to offer for wagon sales and store sales.

I recommend each family to set up an account now with Trails End and download the app onto your device by texting APP to 62771. You will then go in and add your scouts information and be linked to our pack.  We are in the Capitol Area council,  Armadillo district, and Pack 90. You can add pictures to your scouts account and fill in information like their goals and favorite popcorn. There is a lot of information in the app about the Trails End prizes, how to use the app to record sales, best scout pitches to donors, also allergen and dietary information on all the products. It will be an easier fundraiser if you look all the information over before we get into the thick of it.

It is possible to get a free square reader you have to fill out a lot of information on the square page to get one. If you want one please do this now there can be a long delay in receiving the free readers. The pack has a few but these are free and it’s always nice to have your own. These work inside the Trails End app and you do NOT have to download the square app. These are also available to purchase at local stores or Amazon.


  • Wednesday, August 30th – popcorn pick up (will need assistance picking up and hauling into the house)
  • Saturday, September 9 – Booth Sales Begin
  • Sunday, October 22 – All In-Person Sales End
  • Thursday, October 26th – All cash turned into Pack
  • Wednesday, November 15 – Popcorn Distribution Day (For Take Order Sales)

We sell popcorn to fund our pack supplies.  Popcorn sales reset in  January but our council season starts up August 1st.  Please download the Trails End app if you have not already and create an account.  You can text APP to 62771 to download the app.

The dues paid each year go almost entirely to pay our national fees and insurance.  To pay for our pack needs such as belt loops, pins, bandanas and supplies we fundraise to earn the money. Each scout would sell at least $390 in popcorn to fund the amount the pack pays for them each year in supplies. If the scout sells enough popcorn they can earn pack prizes starting up to a fully paid scouting year if they reach the $4,700 level.

For those families that cannot fundraise we also have a buyout option. I really believe in the skills learned from fundraising and if you are curious about anything popcorn related please reach out and we can chat about anything or everything popcorn related.

Important dates are listed above and more information can be found on the council popcorn page at: https://www.bsacac.org/resources/popcorn/.