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We sell popcorn to fund our pack supplies.  Popcorn sales reset in  January but our council season starts up August 1st.  Please download the Trails End app if you have not already and create an account.  You can text APP to 62771 to download the app.

The dues paid each year go almost entirely to pay our national fees and insurance.  To pay for our pack needs such as belt loops, pins, bandanas and supplies we fundraise to earn the money. Each scout would sell at least $450 in popcorn to fund the amount the pack pays for them each year in supplies. If the scout sells enough popcorn they can earn pack prizes starting up to a fully paid scouting year if they reach the $3000 level they will receive free camping for them and their family, Free ship & NASA trip for them and one adult and recharter fees. (So long as all these activities are possible.)

For those families that cannot fundraise we also have a buyout option. I really believe in the skills learned from fundraising and if you are curious about anything popcorn related please reach out and we can chat about anything or everything popcorn related.

Important dates are listed below and more information can be found on the council popcorn page at: https://www.bsacac.org/resources/popcorn/.

August 1st: Take order and Online sales start to count for Council level awards

August 31st: Popcorn Distribution Day (Will need assistance to pick it all up)

September 10th: Show and Sell at local stores begins

October 16th: All in person sales end

November 16th: Final Popcorn distribution day for any door to door popcorn orders.