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Registration Fee / Donation to Pack 90

A donation to Pack 90 is always appreciated and put to great use to help provide our scouts with extra fun!

If you are paying for a scout through this option, please mention your Scout's Name. Registration fees are: $135 Lion Scout (Kinder) or $120 New Scouts (1st thru 5th) to $100 All Returning Scouts.

You can also add some extra to provide a partial scholarship for any scout in need or an adult leader's recharter fee ($45).

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Rechartering Fee for Returning Scouts – All Ranks

Recharter Registration Fee for 2021-2022 Year

Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light

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2021 Popcorn Buyout

If you didn't participate in Popcorn this year and would like to help us offset your sales, this buyout helps cover the cost of running Pack 90.

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