Our Leaders

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Cubmaster: Gordon Fischer

Asst. Cubmasters: Elijah Erickson

Pack Committee Chairman: Chris Ihrman

Pack Treasurer: OPEN

Pack Uniform Closet (recycled uniforms): Ashley Vella

Pack Trainer: OPEN

Website editor: OPEN

Den 9 (Webelos 2 - 5th graders)

  • Den Leader: Chris Ihrman
  • Assistant Leader: 

Den 6 (Webelos 1 - 4th graders)

  • Den Leader: Gordon Fisher
  • Assistant Leader: Open

Den 1 (Bears - 3rd graders)

  • Den Leader: Tim Hiese
  • Assistant Leader: Open

Den 8 (Wolves - 2nd graders) 

  • Den Leader: Eli Erickson
  • Assistant Leader: Open

Den 7 (Wolves - 2nd graders) 

  • Den Leader: Randy Taintor
  • Assistant Leader: Open

Den 2 (Tigers - 1st graders) 

  • Den Leader: Mary Ann Thomas
  • Assistant Leader: Eddy Thomas

Lion (Kindergarten)

  • Den Leader: Ben ford
To contact the leadership team email pack-90-leadership@googlegroups.com