Our Leaders

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Cubmaster: Phillip Olive

Asst. Cubmasters: Wayne Woodall

Pack Committee Chairman: Alan Hutcheson, Brett Nelson

Pack Treasurer: Robert Nurisio

Pack Uniform Closet (recycled uniforms): Jennifer Hutcheson

Pack Trainer: OPEN

Newsletter: OPEN


Den 5  (Webelos I – Griffin Patrol – 4th graders)

  • Den Leader: Amy Woodall
  • Assistant Leader: Pepe Arteaga

Den 8 (Bears – 3rd graders)

  • Den Leader: Ashley Vela
  • Assistant Leader: OPEN

Den 1 (Bears – 3rd graders)

  • Den Leader: Andy Hazelwood
  • Assistant Leader: Darren Hampton

Den 3 (Wolves – 2nd graders)

  • Den Leader: Justin Jordan
  • Assistant Leader: Josh Goodman

Den 10 (Wolves – 2nd graders)

  • Den Leader: Joe Ricketts
  • Assistant Leader: Matt Jackson

Den 2 (Tigers – 1st graders)

  • Den Leader: Jennifer Gustavson
  • Assistant Leader: Sarah Murrell


To contact the leadership team email leadership@pack90austin.org