For online sales, go to trailsend.com.  Turn in all forms by October 28th.  Popcorn delivery on November 12th & 13th Click here for all the popcorn info - 2011 Popcorn Kickoff  Call or e-mail Jay piersall@flash.net (512) 844-3350
Sell This Amount
And you’ll get!
Free Campouts for the whole school year!  (scout only)
$150 by 10/9/2011
Caveman Dinner! Right after the Space Derby!
$300 by 10/9/2011
Throw a Pie in the face of your Den Leader or Popcorn Kernal
Free trip to Submarine overnight trip on December 10th, or NASA
Free trip to Submarine (1 scout and 1 adult), or NASA
 6% scholarship

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