Space Station TrainersCamp inside Space Center Houston! We will be going to NASA on Saturday, April 26th, 2014, for a one night sleep over.     This trip is for Bears and Webelos only The cost will be $55 per person. You can pay online through Paypal. When: Saturday April 26th Time: Check-in at 5pm, Program starts promptly at 6pm (dinner provided). Where: Space Center Houston / 1601 NASA Parkway/ Houston, TX 77058 Here is a link to NASA's page about the camp-ins: http://www.spacecenter.org/ScoutCampIns.html.
  • The Webelos will complete the essential components of the Scientist Badge as they design a protective spacesuit for a shuttle astronaut, discover the effects of air pressure, and conduct activities involving Bernoulli's Principle and Pascal's law.
  • The Bears will complete Space Arrow Points as they discover the planets in our Solar System, make a star wheel chart, build and launch a basic rocket, and learn about the constellations in the night sky in our planetarium!!!
We have plenty of slots reserved, but we need to confirm how many scouts are going and pay by Monday March 1st. This is a hard deadline, please signup early if you are planning on going. Please contact (Alan Hutcheson) at leadership@pack90austin.org with any questions.  

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