Saturday, June 24, 2023
Book NOW because it will fill!
You can cancel at no cost between now and 5 weeks prior to event.

We won't ask for payment until April 2023 so if you think you might want to go, sign up now.

Register HERE ASAP if you want to attend.



·        5 - 6p.m. - Check-in.
·         6:15 p.m. - Dinner begins in The Food Lab
·         7 p.m. - Activities
·         7-9:45 p.m. - Activities conducted; Scout activities that go toward the Stem NOVA Award
·         10 p.m. - Get ready for bed, Set-up Sleeping Areas
·         11 p.m. - Lights out


·         6:45 a.m. - Wake-up / pack-up / load gear in vehicles

·         7:45 a.m. - Breakfast served in The Food Lab

·         8:20am - Film (ISS Space Explorers)

·         9 a.m. Two options –

  Option #1

- Tram tour of NASA Johnson Space Center (no lines, first ones on the Tram)

-  Returning at 10am to explore Space Center Houston. This requires use of 2nd day ticket

-  Goes to Building 9, robotics lab, and astronaut training facility & Saturn 5 made from Apollo

  Option #2

 - Depart for home. Note: Allows for use of 2nd day ticket on another day

Other Info:

·         Usually sell out Cub Scout Events 3 months prior to date so book ASAP.  

·         Open to all 5 years and up.

·         Discounted Admission tickets of $12.95 can be bought for other family members not sleeping over the night before at the Campin

·         NASA provides: Dinner, snack and breakfast and 2nd day admission pass

·         Extra $15 for T-shirts & $7 for patches can be bought at the event if available.

·         All family members 5 and up are welcome to join. Pay Scout Price of $80 for those who want to participate in the Scout activities and Adult Price of $70 for those who will not. 

·         Can accommodate for any food needs, but call and let them know prior to event.

·         Arrive as close to 5pm as you can if you want to sleep outside in your own tent to get a prime spot under an exhibit, first come, first serve on outside spots. Otherwise the Pack will sleep together inside near/under an exhibit (no tents inside, just pads and sleeping bags) in a pre-designated area.

·         Need to bring sleeping bags, padding to sleep on, pillows, if bringing cots or air mattresses they need to be single sized

·         Parking - free and on-site for overnighters

Our Pack has gone to this event every year and plans to continue to do so. In years past it has been from the Bears on up, but this year they are allowing Lions and all 5 years and up to attend. We mention that because for the younger kids it can be a lot so please don't feel pressured into joining this year as again it will be coming up again in the Spring of next year too if we have anything to say about it. 

FOR ANY QUESTIONS during this call Meg at 512@636-9176. 

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