Dallas Cowboys Sleepover is a new one we are trying this year!

Where: ATT Stadium, 1 AT&T Way, Arlington, TX 76011 (approx. 2 hrs & 50 minutes from North Austin)
When: Fri, Nov 4th at 6pm - Sat, Nov 5th at 8am
Cost: $60 per person

Sign up HERE for the Sleepover, if you did NOT already sign up directly with them.

Important Dallas Cowboy Sleepover Information

As a pack, we have never attended this sleepover before, so we do not have much knowledge of it but we do know the below:

We have been told the only locations in the stadium that we will be allowed into is the stands during the movie and then the field. Please note, while they picture other pieces of the stadium those are not available for viewing. 

Check in is on Friday, Nov 4th at 6pm and Check out is on Sat, Nov. 5th at 8am.

Our best guess is it might be like NASA where it will not be very dark inside during the night so make sure and bring an eye mask if that is a concern.

You can bring simple sleeping bags or a tent, but the tents can NOT be staked.

cub scout camping checklist

Required medical form

Link to required youth protection training

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