Pack 90 families --
As I mentioned at the last pack meeting and in a follow-up email, it's time again for to renew your membership in the pack.  Our recharter dues are due this week and I still have quite a few families that have not paid yet.  Please pay your scouts' dues this week via the pack website. Most of the fun things we do and many of the extra things that the pack provides (Bobcat badges, belt loops, space derby rockets) are funded in part by scout dues, so we rely on that commitment from families every year.  I will be following up with den leaders this week concerning dues that have not been paid yet.
All new families should be paid up by now and so do not owe dues *unless* they have not paid yet.
This year, the dues are as follows:
  -   $45 for existing Cub Scouts and Webelos 1
-   $35 for Webelos 2
All links to pay are on the pack website (pack90austin.org), accessible through the Pack Store. Thanks, everyone!

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