Hope everybody is having a wonderful start to their summer. I would like to remind you about our "3rd Annual Pack 90 KICKBALL EXTRAVAGANZA". What: 3rd Annual Akela’s vs. Scouts Kickball Game When: This Thursday, July 14th, 6:00 pm till we feel like leaving (Please be at the Park at 6pm or a little earlier!) Where: Schroeder Park near the picnic area/table 4700 BEAVER CREEK in between BLACKHAWK DR. & BIG TRAIL (map) Who: Cub Scouts and Families of Pack 90 Why: Why NOT? It's loads of fun!!! How: Here's how the game will likely be played. 
There will be at least two teams: Cub Scouts vs. Akela's (Yes, Akela's will want to play too!) 
Each Team will have "equalizers" implemented into their play to make things fun and exciting.
 Rain date: There ain't one! Pray for cool, dry weather!
 The PLAN:  Show up at 6pm, organize teams, start play as soon as possible, play till about 8ish, have a popsicle or two on the grass! 
Equipment Need: If anyone has some of those orange cones or base plates, please bring them. YOU NEED TO BRING:  1) a filled water bottle, 2) A "snack" for your family attending (if needed), 3) comfortable clothes and CLOSED TOED SHOES FOR EVERYONE! Pack 90 will bring: Water jug with ice water, one jug of bug juice for Scouts and the "equalizers" DID YOU KNOW? There is a "World Adult Kickball Association" with two chapters here in Austin !
 Well we aren't going to play exactly the way the WAKA play but we'll have fun none the less.
Attached is the WAKA Rule Book for any of you folks who are really, really board. We will use bits and pieces of the content of this document.
 Don't come expecting to learn "real" kickball . . .  do come prepared for fun and interesting twists to an ever growing game that is not just for sand lots anymore .
SO, put on your sun screen, put on your deet, and bring a chair  . . . .  and have some fun at the "3rd Annual Pack 90 KICKBALL EXTRAVAGANZA! " Hope to see everyone there!